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DenseCore Computing

 High-efficiency and high performance computing

While there are a growing number of MicroServer System on Chip (SoC) offerings, most of them are not suited for HPC. Relatively weak compute performance, a 32-bit architecture, and a miniscule memory footprint generally rule out SoCs for handling mainstream enterprise IT or advanced scientific or technical computing workloads. For anything beyond minimal scale-out tasks, higher powered chips are needed.

That's why System Fabric Works is working with high-powered and efficient processors like the Freescale T4240. To reduce watts without cutting CPU performance, System Fabric Works demonstrated T4240 processing prototypes at SC13 in Denver. DenseCore uses the Freescale T4240 QorIQ SoC with 12 Power cores, 24 threads, 64-bit computing, high-performance I/O accelerators, and up to 96 GB of memory.

A single T4240 can match the performance of a dozen A7 ARM or a half-dozen ARM A15 processors. In fact, the T4240 provides Coremark performance in the same neighborhood as an Intel Sandy Bridge processor - while using about half the power. And it has the hardware offload engines needed to efficiently run System Fabric Work’s RDMA software - greatly reducing the CPU cost for I/O while reducing latency. With 12 processors in a 2u space, 80 Gbps for an internal torus interconnect, and 40 Gbps for scale-out and storage, DenseCore sets a new standard for power-efficient HPC processing.

You can read more about DenseCore Computing at the following links:

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