System Fabric Works custom integrates, pre-ship tests, delivers, installs and supports servers, storage servers and scalable subsystems, fabric/networking switches, NICs and HBAs with customized open source software including virtualization for data centers, high performance computing and cloud environments such as:

Storage Solutions:  We build SystemFabricStor storage appliances that directly attach to high performance networks, based on industry standard hardware and software.  Our RDMA-enabled appliances provide a range of performance and capacity using integrated servers and RAID disk arrays using InfiniBand or Ethernet fabrics.Drive options range from high capacity SATA, to higher performance SAS, SSD drives, and flash memory.  These RDMA target disk arrays fit the need for reliability, performance, and scale in SAN, file system and database applications.


Fabrics, Networks and Server Adapters are provided by System Fabric Works world-wide for  CUSTOM  INTEGRATION,  DEPLOYMENT, INSTALLATION and SUPPORT of InfiniBand fabrics and Ethernet networks, both local and geographic, at speeds  ranging from 10 to 56 Gbps. The integration is based on the use of OFED with either Linux or Windows to leverage  the  benefits of RDMA  for higher computing efficiency, microsecond latencies and improved  application performance. The fabrics  and  networks use  the full Mellanox  product line including  IB HCAs and Ethernet NICs.                                                                                         

We select server models from our partner’ product lines that match the needs for high performance I/O and fast data movement so that our clients applications and business needs are met.

Networking Solutions:  System Fabric Works sells a full line of our partners' networking products including switches, NICs and management solutions and provide full integration with the server and storage solutions we offer.  System Fabric Works provides the service and support for both implementation of applications and installation services to assure customers get the optimum performance and business benefit.

Software:  We supply downloads of several OFED distributions including RoCE – both hardware and software implementations of RDMA over Ethernet.   With these implementations of RoCE your applications will be RDMA ready for significant performance improvement and in both conventional, virtualized and scaled up environments.

We offer these products both stand-alone, and integrated as necessary, with services and support to match our customer’s requirements, schedule and cost.