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Kevin J. Moran
President & CEO

Kevin is a 25-year veteran of the computer industry. With a focus primarily on technology start-ups, he has been involved in all phases of business including software design, hardware design, engineering management, business development and executive management. His specialty is in helping businesses and industries architect and deploy technology solutions that move their business forward.

Former positions that Kevin has held include President of Saber Data, Ltd.; Director of Application Development at Panta Systems; Director of Software Development at VIEO; Chief Technology Officer at Ignite! Learning; Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at Baleo, Inc.; Chief Technology Officer, Sheshunoff Information Systems, a division of Thomson/Rueters.

Vice President, Business Development

Bill re-joined SFW in early 2015 after 2 ½ years at Cray working in the Square Kilometer Array project with both the SDP and the CSP consortia in UK, Netherlands, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Bill has over 40 years of experience in the fields of high-performance computing, networking, file systems and storage. Recently he has focused on multi-core Systems on Chips (SoCs), their internal and external interconnects and the relevance of RDMA architectures for power savings, lower latencies and improved performance for parallel applications and emerging storage systems. Since 2006 Bill has been stakeholder in System Fabric Works driving the development of many software and hardware capabilities in over 50 projects for the DOE Labs, DOD agencies and commands, NASA, Wall Street and companies such as Cray, GE, Intel, France Telecom, Mellanox, Mercury, Microsoft, Oracle, SAIC, SGI, and Sun. From 2002 to 2006, as computer scientist in Advanced Architectures at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s (LLNL), he was responsible for the adoption and development of InfiniBand, implementation of its RDMA software architecture in the OpenFabrics software (OFED), the Lustre File System development and implementation on Blue and the DOE’s Commodity Clusters exemplified by TLCC then and CTS-1 now.

During the early 1990's Bill co-founded Essential Communications, a manufacturer of HIPPI-800 and HIPPI-6400 switches, adapters and software; and subsequently he was co-owner of Abba Technologies, a systems integrator focused on Los Alamos and Sandia  DOE labs as well as prime contractor of the DOE PathForward for the Gigabyte System Network, aka HIPPI-6400.

Bill's pro-bono initiatives include founding SCinet in 1991, the Student Cluster Competition in 2006 and the Music Initiative becoming one of the few people who has been to every SC conference for the last 25 years.  Bill also co-founded the OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) in 2004 where he is now Treasurer and the High Performance Cluster File System Software Foundation (HPCFS) in 2010.

Roger Ronald
Chief System Architect

Roger has focused on high-performance I/O during a 30 year career in computing. He has architected I/O solutions for HPC computing involving hardware, supercomputers, and large numbers of commodity processors. Along the way, he’s been instrumental in the creation of the HIPPI and HIPPI-6400 computing standards, both as an author and as the ANSI X3T9.3 committee chair for supercomputer I/O.

Diane Reeve

Vice President of Finance

Advisory Board Members

Bob was the founder of System Fabric Works and was a key individual in establishing its predecessor organizations (PMR and Vieo) as one of the leaders in high-speed I/O development. Before Bob was in the computing industry, he spent some time investigating particle physics. He now works for Cray.