Our Company

System Fabric Works, Inc. (SFW) assists our clients in designing solutions to solve storage and I/O problems in commercial enterprises and HPC systems.  Our clients deploy high performance computers, enterprise data centers, or develop products to serve those markets.  Our customers recognize that I/O infrastructure, including networks, storage and file systems are the key to meeting their requirements.

Our goal is to exceed our customer’s requirements, whether they are maximizing application performance, reducing power consumption, adding high-performance storage, or increasing availability.  We do this by providing 
system integration, strategic consulting services, and  software engineering, all focused on I/O architecture and design.  We have established a reputation for listening to our clients’ needs and delivering quality products and services - on-time and within budget.

In addition to our custom integration and software engineering services, SFW, working with our partners, offers deployment of commodity servers and storage systems at levels of performance, scale and cost effectiveness that are not available from other suppliers.  

SFW brings a multi-disciplinary team to bear supported by project management skills.  We also assist in technical assessments, strategic analysis, the preparation of technical proposals, and advising IT professionals who are facing technology deployment  decisions.

We are widely recognized experts particularly in OpenFabrics Software, InfiniBand, Ethernet and energy efficient technologies such as RDMA. 

SFW engineers are skilled in developing I/O solutions for all widely available operating systems. We have specific expertise in leading edge technologies, including:

  • Storage and file systems including Lustre, RAID and Fibre Channel systems
  • High performance networks such as InfiniBand, TCP/IP and Ethernet
  • Routing, WAN deployments and network management
  • OpenFabrics Software
  • RDMA Application Services - i.e. SRP, ISER, NFSoRDMA
System Fabric Work’s industry experience and expertise has helped numerous customers with architecture and design, strategic technical approach to business problem solving, system acceptance, software development, application testing, installation and performance tuning.