Check your attitude to System Engineering!

Where System Engineering can help you

  • How did your project approach requirements elicitation and analysis?
  • How much of the requirements the proposed technical solution did cover?
  • Had your project a well-defined scope in terms of the boundary of the solution to be provided?
  • Was any of your projects affected by wrong cost and time estimation?
  • Did you ever suffer from weak control of subcontractors and suppliers?
  • Was any of your projects in trouble for bad quality of deliverables due to a weak test strategy?

Why a site on System Engineering?

This site is dedicated to describe System Engineering discipline and promote the professional role of the System Engineer. This hybrid role requires skills on Sales, Technical and Project Management although it is not specifically either an Account Manager, an hardware or software designer, or strictly speaking a Project Manager.

At a first glance such a not specialized role can be perceived as non valuable, while instead it is just such a multi-purpose capability that enables the cohesion and also the right balance among different (very specialized) point-of-views in order to reach a common objective: as well to make the company profitable as to lead a team to achieve its goals.

Looking at job postings and open positions, this role is well deployed in large companies used to cope with complex architectures and projects. Nevertheless is more common to find announcements for Project Managers rather than System Engineers, which are their natural complement. Moreover the term "System Engineers" is often misused or confused as belonging to IT infrastructure, while it is not.

Our aim is then to spread the culture of System Engineering and the added value brought in any company whatever is its business sector and not necessarily being large-size. On the contrary we are willing to support a small medium enterprise introducing such a middle-mamangement role since it can benefit even more than a multinational company to survive to the market challenges and globalization.
For this reason we're also present on Lazio-connect  enterprise network. 

Our Experience

We provided "pills" of System Engineering know-how spreaded over this web site in order to bring to you several years of real-life experiences also shared with other professionists System Engineers. We leveraged also on our long tradition of training courses held for several editions in large companies.

Our background spanned from Pre-Sales through Projects delivery, involving different technologies (Hardware, Software and Firmware) up to include as Business Analysis well as Enterprise Process Engineering at company level.

System Engineering is not necessarily tightly linked with technology since it is first of all a way to approach and solve problems in whichever field; it's a mindset that involves a philosophy to look at things with open mind. In order to enhance this aspect, few pages about System Engineering and Philosophy have been included.