Grand Reopening now located at

10119 Production Court


sharing space with Aikido of Louisville

Each class is uniquely different addressing the questions and needs of all the students that show up.  Situations are created to push you out of your "comfort zone" where real growth takes place...There are no uniforms, belts, rituals, or pre-arranged techniques.  The goal is to move like a normal person without all the baggage that comes with trying to move in a contrived manner.  We understand that tension slows down the bodies natural ability to react genuinely, so we strive to eliminate unnecessary tension with every movement we make.
We do not use pads or punching bags to practice strike work.  Rather, we will work on giving and receiving strikes to each other to better understand our own limitations.  While working at our training partner’s capacity, in a safe environment, this becomes the best way to be prepared for real world situations.

We study principles of body movement and reaction.  The normal fear or tension reaction to any situation is replaced by understanding. This leads the individual to rapidly and dynamically move in the most efficient way possible to collapse another person(s) structure.





10119 Production Court

   Louisville, KY  40299

  Practice Schedule:

  1900 - 2030 Hours

   0830 - 1000 Hours


$100 - includes first month dues & insurance registration



$75 per month due by the 1st of the month


EFT to Systema Louisville Bank account

on a billing day that works for you - $60 per month