My DDR Adventure

My precious little life

This page is to record my experience in playing Dance Dance Revolution over the years. Since setting my feet on the DDR stage in 2000, I met a lot of people, saw a lot of things. I do not want these to become lost in history so I created this page as a record of my life. Feel free to take a look.

I no longer play DDR actively, however. This story is nothing more than an archive of my experience. Names in the story are generally people's first name, except in some occasions his/her online handle is used where it is ambiguous. The story is slightly modified in contrast with my life in order to make a better flow of the plot. Also to protect privacy some names are changed.

Table of contents

1. The Start
2. Unfold
3. Cyber Encounter
4. Evolution of Revolution
5. Broken Leg
6. Physics
7. Mission 0 (Part 1)
8. Mission 0 (Part 2)
9. Debrief
10. Our Prom
21. The Reporter
22. Waterloo
23. New York, New York
24. War and Peace
25. Gwai Lo
26. Starburst