DriverPack to Sysprep

UPDATED for DriverPack BASE off the  I'm going to copy another user and just show what I do.

Download the files and extract them as directed in the sysprepallday folder

1) Download the latest version of DriverPack BASE and whatever DriverPacks you need.

2) Extract BASE to a folder by running the .exe you downloaded (example: DPs_BASE_7052.exe)

3) In the folder you extracted BASE to, open the 'bin' folder.  Copy DPsFnshr.ini and extract DPsFnshr.7Z to C:\ on the computer you'll be running Sysprep on.

4) Inside of the BASE 'bin' folder, open the 'wnt5_x86-32' folder.  Copy ROE.exe to C:\sysprep, and extract DevPath.exe from M2.7z to C:\ on the computer you'll be running Sysprep on.

5) Extract your DriverPacks with either 7-zip or WinRAR.  If you have WinRAR integrated into your shell you can just control-click the Packs you want to select them, then right-click on one and choose "Extract Here".  Make sure that they are all merged into the same folder structure under the 'D' folder (D\C, D\G, etc).  You should also have a set of files ending with wnt5_x86-32.ini.  These contain the various exceptions that DPsFnshr.exe reads when it runs. 

6) Move extracted DriverPacks ('D' folder) and wnt5_x86-32.ini files to C:\ on the computer you'll be running Sysprep on.
6a) If you are slipstreaming DP_Graphics_A, create a dummy (Notepad) file in C:\.  Name it ATICCC.ins if you want the Catalyst Control Center or ATICCP.ins if you want the Catalyst Control Panel installed when Radeon hardware is detected.  The file can be blank as DPsFnshr.exe just looks for the file name.  DPsFnshr.exe deletes the .ins file when it is finished running.
6b) If you want, you can modify the extracted driver packs to remove hardware you don't need.  If you do, remember to move the modified driver pack to D\3\ (i.e. D\3\C, D\3\CPU, etc).  If you want DPsFnshr.exe to run as intended (do to paths in the wnt5_x86-32.ini files), though, I would leave things like the DriverPack Graphics A unmodified.

7) Open a Command Prompt and run


C:\DevPath.exe C:\

8) Open C:\DPsFnshr.ini in Notepad or Wordpad.  Since we aren't actually running BASE we have to change the configuration for the Finisher manually.  Generally, you will only need to edit the KTD and KTDlocation variables at the very top.  If you do not want KTD enabled set: I don't want my driver packs saved. I want the driver packs deleted so I have this done.


KTD = "false"

to the very end of your sysprep.inf.  Then, run


c:\sysprep\sysprep.exe -bmsd

12) Run Run Sysprep BAT in the C:/sysprep folder

Your PC will sysprep and reboot