Meet Us

Board Members:

Natalie Stockard-Commissioner:

Natalie began with SYS Pee Wee Cheer four years ago as serves as our board commissioner. Although she doesn’t coach, she handles all of the correspondence for the program.  This includes managing all the organizations business and implementation of policies.  

Natalie works full time as the Administrative Assistant for the City of Denton, is married and a mother to four kids Jasper, Piper, Jenna and Aubrey. She has been a resident of Sanger for five years and has made a lot of great friends along the way. She loves to be able to watch how the sport of cheerleading brings together a community in a very unique way.

Stacy Householter- Concession Stand Coordinator:

Stacy has been a member of the SYS Pee Wee Cheer board for four consecutive years and serves as the Concession Stand Coordinator. Over the years, Stacy has worked with our sixth grade squad as their head coach.

Stacy works full time, is married and is the mother to three kids. Stacy takes pride in her community and loves to help local organizations and is very involved with veterans.  Stacy’s favorite part of coaching:  seeing kids learn a new skill and learn teamwork and discipline and “come out of their shell” as they gain confidence.  She loves to see how cheer has helped kids gain confidence, which carries over to their schoolwork and other parts of their lives.

Jessica Simmons - PR & Communications:

Jessica is one of the 9 Board Members of SYS Pee Wee Cheer as well as a coach. This will be her second season as board member and coach with SYS Pee Wee Cheer. Jessica brings with her 10+ years of experience as a cheerleader, competitive gymnast and coach.

Jessica has two kids Brysn and Brooklyn who are both active in the Sanger Youth Sports organization. She works full time in marketing at a CPA firm in Plano, TX. The best part about coaching for her is pushing kids to reach their fullest potential and making a difference in their lives.