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Image Credit:" Raspberry Pi B+ top" by Lucasbosch - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Backup, Restore, Customize and Clone your Raspberry Pi SD Cards (tutorial)
SysMatt Blog (6-Aug-2014)
Simple Virtual Appliances with Linux and Xen
Linux Journal (Issue #189/January 2010)
Securing OpenSSH
Linux Journal (Issue #147/July 2006)
SSHFS: Super Easy File Access over SSH
Linux Journal (Issue #146/June 2006)
NOTE: Linux journal staff did some creative editing on this article and never asked my approval of the changes. The first sentence does not make any sense because they chopped my entire first paragraph which provided lead in. Also, the paragraph which begins "Finally, you can add the appropriate sshfs commands in the boot startup..." is a complete creation from the editor and should be ignored. SSHFS should not be run from startup scripts and should NOT be run as root at all. I am expecting LJ to print a correction in the next issue.
User-Mode Linux
Linux Journal (Issue #145/May 2006)
UNIX: Old School
Linux Journal (Issue #140/December 2005)
Cyclades AlterPath Manager E200
Linux Journal (Issue #133, May 2005)
Linux Serial Consoles for Servers and Clusters
Linux Journal (Issue #124/August 2004)
Crontrolling Your Crontabs
Sys Admin Magazine (Volume 13/Number 10/October 2004 )
Oracle Hot Backup
;login: The Magazine of USENIX and SAGE (Volume 28/Number 4/August 2003)