Systems Biology Laboratory (syslab)

Welcome to Systems Biology Laboratory! 
(中興大學 基因體暨生物資訊學研究所). 

Lab homepage:
Research topics:
  • Developing precision medicine method using single-cell RNA-seq data
  • Construction of RNA-seq databases
  • Gene expression data analysis for drug repositioning (ppt)
  • Integration of gene expression and phenotype data
    • (2014) High-resolution functional annotation of human transcriptome: predicting isoform functions by a novel multiple instance-based label propagation method. Nucleic Acids Research 42: e39.
    • (2011) Integrative Analysis of Many Weighted Coexpression Networks Using Tensor Computation. PLoS Computational Biology 7: e1001106. 
    • (2010) Bayesian Approach to Transforming Public Gene Expression Repositories into Disease Diagnosis Databases. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA107: 6823-8. 
  • Integration of gene expression and ChIP-seq data.
    • (2014) DPRP: A database of phenotype-specific regulatory programs derived from transcription factor binding data. Nucleic Acids Research 42: D178-183. 
    • (2013) REACTIN: Regulatory activity inference of transcription factors underlying human diseases with application to breast cancer. BMC Genomics 14:504. 
    • (2011) Polycomb-Repressed Genes Have Permissive Enhancers that Initiate Reprogramming. Cell 147: 1283-1294. 
  • Integration of gene expression and miRNA expression data.
    • (2014) miRTarBase update 2014: an information resource for experimentally validated miRNA-target interactions. Nucleic Acids Research 42: D78-85.
  • Integration of gene expression, miRNA expression and DNA methylation data.
    • (2012) Discovery of multi-dimensional modules by integrative analysis of cancer genomic data. Nucleic Acids Research 40: 9379-9391.
    • (2012) Identifying multi-layer gene regulatory modules from multi-dimensional genomic data. Bioinformatics 28: 2458-66.
  • Discovering chromatin motifs
    • (2013) Discovering chromatin motifs using FAIRE sequencing and the human diploid genome. BMC Genomics 14:310.