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SMS Integration

In order to configure SMS integration in SysAid, please do the following:
1. Go to Preferences > Integration > SMS tab.
2. In order to use this option you should have a SMS gateway account. One of the SMS gateways that SysAid supports is clickatell ( Complete all of the fields in the SMS integration page.
a) Provider class: Your SMS service provider (if you are going to use Clickatell, this is the class: com.ilient.util.ClickatellProvider)
b) Gateway ID: Your http API ID
c) User Name: Given to you by your SMS provider
d) Password: Given to you by your SMS provider
3. Click on Save.
4. Go to Preferences > Help Desk Settings > General Settings tab.
5. Check the "SMS notification on new Service Request with priority >=" check-box.
6. In the "Send SMS to" field, enter the username of the individual and not the actual SMS number.
Note: This will only take effect on those service requests that are not routed automatically to an administrator / admin group. If routing has been set up, the routing rule will take effect first, and then the system of notifications will start to operate on the remaining service requests. You will receive a notification on those service request that are not captured by the routing rule and which meet the priority you selected. In order to select the priority level from the drop-down list, you should remember that 1 (Urgent) is the highest level of alert and 5 is the lowest level. So, for example, selecting priority >/= Very High will issue a notification on all service requests coded 1 or 2.
7. Click on Save.
8. Go to Preferences > User Management > Admin Manager tab and click on your username.
9. On the General Details page, in the Text Message field, enter your mobile phone number.
10. Click on Save.

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