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Email Integration

A full list of available varaiables for notifications - (also available section 8.1.3 tags of the sysaid user guide here - )

How to add activities to the end user notification -

The syntax for sending a different email body when a request is closed - or any different statuses 

Can I send the survey when the SR is Verified Closed instead of Closed? - 

Links from the email notification to the relevant SR - 

Send a different E-mail based on different escalation rules - 

Sending email alerts for multiple admins -

Is there a way to have multiple Requested Users on a ticket so they all get updates as the ticket changes - (set up a user group and cc: them in on any emails) -

How Ignore emails with subject match to (regular expression) - 

How to - Add HTML tags to your SysAid notifications -

Configuring SSL POP3 - 

Why does the acknowledgement email come from the users email address? - 

How to disallow creating a new service request by email -

A clever workaround for the lack of email routing by subject - 

Pop3 checking Frequency & Exchange -

Feature Requests

Closing Tickets by Email - 

Email Integration: Set Categories and Urgency based on a string in the title. FR #170 - 

Include more custom tags in email notifications - 

Additional email addresses for end users. FR #404 - 

Different languages for e-mail body to end-user - 

Spam prevention - 

Known Issues

If your html based emails come out missing the line breaks - go to Preferences > Integration > Email and make sure that the Content Type is set to "text/html; charset=utf-8", not "text/HTML; charset=utf-8". - Taken from 

Attachment link via Email not opening - This was fixed in 5.6x+ - 

End user's ticket links always take him to the main page (except with SSO in place) - 

Exchange 2007 & strong password authentication -