Asset Management



This Asset management section is made up of two areas, Asset Management & the SysAid Agent
Ilient have their own FAQ on this topic at

SysAid Agent Common Questions

Deployment Requirements - 
Trouble deploying to vista - 
Deployment switches - 
SysAid Tip - Upgrading the SysAid Agent without Re-Deployment - 
Things to watch out for when ghosting etc. - 
SysAid agent and server 2008 / Windows 7 beta is here - 
If I have to change the ports that sysaid is on what do I need to do to update the agents. Do I have to undeploy and redeploy the agents? - 
Can I instruct the SysAid Agent to report back to SysAid Server more frequently? - 

Asset Management - Common Questions

How to list the sysaid agent version number - 

Tracking unapproved software - 
About Vpro - 

Filtering Assets

How to create a company filter -
How to create a supplier filter - 
How to create a location filter -
Custom filter does not appear to work on some fields - 
How to search for a Mac Address - 

Remote Control - Common Questions

Remote control over the internet - 
Unable to Remote Control Workstations - 
Remote controlling Apple Mac's - 

Known Issues

Agent not upgrading to 5.6.x - 
Double assets being created with the new agent - 
Supplier list defaults to the last page you were on instead of page one.
Moving groups within groups.
Vista Performance & Remote control - 
No wallpaper after remote control - 
False daily software inventory changes - 


'No Software Found' in software inventory - - Fixed in 5.6.09
"Show Assets using this software" in "Software Prodoucts" does not export - - Fixed in 5.6.03+
BIOS field empty after upgrading to 5.6.03 - - Fixed in v5.6.09+

Feature Requests

My Network Assets view customize. FR #486 - 
The ability to disable retired assets --

New Features

The SysAid deployed icon / what name gets displayed can now be changed as 5.6