Skinner for jello.Dashboard

Wasting the time that Jello.Dashboard saved you! 


Skinner is a tool that allows you to preview (some) changes to the style.css file used in the jello.Dashboard application.  I threw it together because I got tired of the 30-60+ seconds it took jello.Dashboard to refresh with my data.

Try it out! 

If you'd like to test your own css files, you'll have to download the archive.  Remember to test your changes in the version of Internet Explorer used by Outlook on your system.  Some classes in the sample css files (such as footer) are used only by skinner.  jello.Dashboard will ignore them.

jello.Dashboard Resources:
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The skinner archive contains:

plus several ugly css files:


If you wish to save a particular file, you'll need to right-click on it and choose "Save Target As...".