NaNo tools

Tools, utilities, and handouts for MLs and writers 

 **NOTE - 2007 updates are in progress - I'll post each file as it's ready - check back frequently!** 

Tools for authors: 

wordcountcalendar2007.xls    A 1-page calendar in MS Excel format - contains daily word count goals and major holidays

nano-character.doc  A detailed character info sheet - great for getting to know your characters, or to use as a quick reference when your gets too full around mid-month (in MS Word format)

Door tag  Door hang tags w/ word count boxes you can mark off at the bottom.  If this is your creation, please let me know so I can give proper credit! (MS Word format)

progresssheet.doc   Grid with 500-word blocks that can be colored in as you progress through your novel.

Randomizer Novel Rescue Companion  .rtf format - Roll a 6-sided die and have an instant plot solution. If this is your creation, please let me know so I can give proper credit!

SarahJanet's emergency plot matrix  - Fabulous grid of plot ideas to get you unstuck. 

2007 MS Excel progress tracker  - in MS Excel format.  (created by Erik Benson, updated by Ray Duell, Sydney ML). A lovely spreadsheet that tracks everything from word count to morale.  Has charts, word war trackers, and fun tools like a running estimate of writing time remaining. Fully adjusted for 2007 dates.

**Note: Eric Benson is no longer participating in NaNo and does not wish to provide any future updates. The file is free and avl for tweaking to anyone who wishes to try their hand at it. If you come up with any significant or useful changes, please send me an update, and I can add it here.

Progress chart w/ stickers - MS Word format. This is a sheet w/ a grid of blocks that are meant to be covered with stickers as the writer achieves each word count goal. We included stickers at the kick-off party, but blocks can be filled with anything you choose.

Write-in Treasure Chest  - A one-page sheet explaining our Treasure Chest game at write-ins. Sprint winners and daily word count winners receive gold coins to write their name on and toss in the chest. At the TGIO party, we'll draw coins for great raffle prizes.


For Municipal Liaisons: 

(These are mostly goodies for party handouts and write-ins)

Shirt / Cover sheet  Image borrowed from PvP ( - needs to have the date tweaked to 2006.  Good for iron-on t-shirt transfer and handout packet covers

Large nametags - version 1 , Large nametag - version 2  These were created by lazym, modified by Brittany Wilson in 2005 (according to the metadata). I just changed the date to 2007.

2006 Tucson press release  Press release from 2006 - this is our local version, modified from the official template on the NaNo site


Hipster PDA files, 2006 edition:

**Modified for Tucson, of course. We're not doing PDAs this year, so I'm not updating these files**

hipsterPDAcards2006-AZedits.doc - Mainly based off of NewMexicoKid's 2005 set, but supplemented with cards from Spleen's set, plus artwork and calendars for 2006.  One set of cards, 4 pages in a set

emergencymatrix.doc - SarahJanet's Emergency Plot Matrix, reduced to fit the PDA format - prints 2 to a page

hipster_pda_calendar2006.doc - My simple little word count calendar, updated for 2006.  Prints 4 to a page

BlackRosemeetingcards.doc - Map and info to our Wednesday night meet-up site.  Map cribbed from google maps, cropped and inserted into Word doc - prints 2 to a page

Communityroommeetingcards.doc - same as above, for the Saturday night meets