Paralytic's Sunday

Third Sunday of the Great Lent

Great Lent

  1. Kothine Sunday
  2. Leper's Sunday
  3. Paralytic's Sunday
  4. Canaanite woman's Sunday
  5. Crippled woman's Sunday
  6. Blind Man's Sunday
  • 40th Friday
  • Saturday of Lazur

Holy Week

  • Palm Sunday
  • Passover Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Saturday of Good Tidings
  • Qyomto (Ressuruction Sunday)

 ..they made an opening in the roof..

"Son, your sins are forgiven

...He got up, took his mat and walked out in full view of them all.


Before Holy Qurbana

Holy Qurbana

Homily : by Mor Ivanious (St. John Chrysostom, Patriarch of Constantinople) on the pralytic let down through the roof.

Qurbana Hymns of the day

After the Gospel (Hymn about Jesus healing a man paralyzed for 38 years at the pool of Bethesda  John 5: 1- 15)

Kasolikki (Kushtam Poondor Sowkhyam Needi..)