Leper's Sunday

Second Sunday of the Great Lent

Great Lent

  1. Kothine Sunday
  2. Leper's Sunday
  3. Paralytic's Sunday
  4. Canaanite woman's Sunday
  5. Crippled woman's Sunday
  6. Blind Man's Sunday
  • 40th Friday
  • Saturday of Lazur

Holy Week

  • Palm Sunday
  • Passover Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Saturday of Good Tidings
  • Qyomto (Ressuruction Sunday)

Healing of the Leper

"I am willing; be cleansed


Before Holy Qurbana

Holy Qurbana

Qurbana Hyms of the day

 After the Gospel

 Kasolikki (in place of Anpudayone nin Vaathil)