Syrian Desert from space

Here a collection of images of "desert kites" and stone circles in the Syrian Desert. 
The images have been adapted from Google Maps, an excellent instrument to investigate 
the Neolithic landscapes.  
Amelia Carolina Sparavigna

Please see my papers:
Stone structures in the Syrian Desert, 23 Jun 2011, arXiv,
Stone circles on the harraat of Syrian desert,  13 Aug 2012, arXiv,

A wonderful "desert kite". It was a trap for the game built of stone during the Neolithic times.
Desert kites and stone circles.
Desert kites. The visibility of the structures has enhanced with image processing.
Desert kites.
Stone circle
Stone circles
A stone complex
Stone complexes
Desert kite and stone circles
Stone circle
Stone complexes
Stone complexes
Stone complexes
Mounds, dot lines and circles.