What is Available

Computer Lab- Our computer lab has 23 computers and a SMARTboard Please see our Director Maureen (Kendrick) Page, with any questions.

Small Group Room-(48 people)This room also has an 800 SMARTboard interactive whiteboard which is connected to a Windows computer that you can use. There is also a built in sound system and microphone. Please state what you will need when you book a room.

Large Group Room
-(65 people) This large room is equipped with an 800 Series SMARTboard, a Windows laptop and has a built in sound system with microphone.

Break Out Room- (24 people) This room has a SMARTboard with a laptop for your use.

Multi-Purpose Room-(up to 124 people) This room is equipped with a SMARTboard, 4 television screens and a sound system and laptop.

Work Room- There is a laminator (must make an appointment to use), a poster printer (1 or 2 max), Ellison Dye cutters an many dyes to choose from, and paper cutters.

Cafe-If you are there for a conference, please feel free to use our microwave and refrigerator. Also available for sale is water and soda in the cafe and snacks at our front reception desk.

Please call 315-435-4217 to reserve your space. Also, please be aware of the room etiquette sign in each room and be sure to put all chairs and tables back the way you found them, pick up trash and water bottles and wipe down tables if needed.