Available in the Work Room

Available in the Work Room
Please see a staff member before using. Call Angie at ext. 4217 to set up an appointment to laminate or to have a poster made.

Poster Printer - Our  poster printer allows users to enlarge a document, chart, diagram or other text to poster size. Your poster can be hot or cold laminated for longer use. 

Laminators - Our laminating equipment includes an 18 inch and 25 inch hot laminator and also a 23 inch cold laminator. 

Art Waxer - This machine coats the back of any document with a waxy material that allows it to stick to a wall. 

Ellison Letter/Shape Cutters - We have 5 die cutter machines and hundreds of dies! Bring your own materials (paper, foam, tag board or felt), to cut items for your bulletin boards or a center in your classroom.

Book Binder
 - With this machine, teachers can put together class books of their student's work using a spiral binding system.

Button Maker – This machine allows you to easily create buttons for your special event.