RGO Executive Board 2011-2012

Travel Funds & Info

Attached below are the forms for applying for travel funds from the Religion Department and from the GSO

The following is the information regarding these applications and including the deadlines 
which was provided by Becky for Fall, 2011:

Hello, potential REL department travelers,

It's that fun time of year again!  As AAR and other fall conferences are fast approaching, so too are deadlines for travel grant applications.  And, given that attending AAR means coast-to-coast air travel, I'm sure many of us need all the grant monies we can get.  As a reminder, and for those of us who are new to the process, here's the run-down:

If you are planning to travel this semester to an academic conference, there are two immediate avenues you can explore for funding: the REL department travel grant and the GSO (Graduate Student Organization) travel grant.  In order to be eligible for the GSO travel grant, you *must* also apply for the REL travel grant.  Both application forms are attached.

1 - REL travel grant deadline: Wednesday, September 21.  Please note that you need a sponsor's (i.e.: your adviser's) signature as well as a few sentences about why you need the grant (i.e.: you're presenting a paper, interviewing, etc.).  The department will review all submitted applications and notify us of the amounts we have been granted before the GSO application deadline so that we can include the necessary information on this second application.

2 - GSO travel grant application: Friday, September 30.  The GSO gives preference to those of us who are presenting papers at a conference, although arguments can and are successfully made about the importance of networking at a given conference.  To that end, *don't not apply if you're not presenting a paper*.  Note also that you'll need a faculty signature on this form as well and, as the form states, "the department chair must provide a letter of support and details of funding."  Professor Watts knows of this requirement and will provide the appropriate documentation.  Finally, note that the GSO smiles fondly on cost sharing, so play up your plans to split costs with other students! 

Let me know if you have any questions.

your friendly GSO rep
Patty Giles,
Sep 10, 2011, 7:11 AM
Patty Giles,
Sep 10, 2011, 7:11 AM