F.P.P. is the Future Professoriate Program, a program for Teaching Assistant training that is administered by the Graduate School and by the liaisons at each participating department 

The Grad School's FPP Program EVENTS PAGE is here

The FPP Director for the Religion Department is Dr. Vincent Lloyd (vwlloyd@syr.edu).  

The Religion Department's page on F.P.P. can be found here

According to the program:

    Qualified graduate students in participating departments are eligible to join an award-winning program ranked among the premier
    models for Teaching Assistant training in the United States. Our Future Professoriate Program provides students with the 
    experience, confidence, and documented performance they need to excel as faculty in higher education. We produce 
    candidates who not only get jobs, but quickly become indispensable to the departments, colleges, and universities they join 
    and to the students they teach.

And the goals of the program are: 

  • to prepare graduate  students for the range of responsibilities they will encounter as future faculty members, and

  • to effect a change in faculty culture by fostering recognition of the importance of teaching as a dimension of graduate 

  • education

One possible outcome of participating in the F.P.P. program is to earn a Certificate of University Teaching (C.U.T.).
To earn a C.U.T. one must fulfill the following requirements:

        be appointed to the FPP by their academic department;
        participate in an Independent Mentored Teaching Experience under the guidance of a Faculty Teaching Mentor;
        construct a teaching or professional portfolio that receives approval by the participant's Primary Faculty Liaison;
        complete any additional requirements specified by the participant's academic department.
        the students Primary Faculty Liaison will then fill out a CUT Completion Form for the student, confirming that he/she has complete the     
        above requirements.
        finally, students will be notified of their achievement by the graduate school and invited to attend the annual FPP Recognition 

Other important Forms related to F.P.P. can be found here
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