The Westinghouse Award

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Few people know that Uncle Tom Edison wanted the electric chair named the "Westinghouse Chair". It was all tied into the AC/DC argument of the day.  No not the rock band but what type of electricity we would pump through those wires out on the street and into our houses.  Luckily Edison lost but he was ticked off enough to be sarcastic about what to name the chair that used electricity to kill people.  Okay, some but not all of that is true. 

This is probably our least popular award because we live in a world where a crucifix in urine is considered art.  For most of us around the PEPRS team it would depend on the color and consistency of the urine and the lighting used to highlight the figure on the cross.  I think a sterling silver with a blue gel downlight through a glass lid..... but you get my point.

Seriously have you seen a show that left you speechless ?  Can you prove it ?  Send us your plotless nominations.