Kirstie Alley Award





No we don't think this is Kirstie as a baby but who knows?

This award is dedicated to a regular on the theater forum. His fixation on the Chocolate Cake at Baldwinsville Theater Guild is legendary as evidenced in the show comments he writes.  Here's a sampling of the fixation from the writings at 

  • Harvey - "Get up quick for the Chocolate Cake at intermission. Mmm cake……"
  • Perfect Wedding - "Oh, and don’t forget at intermission get up quick if you want the chocolate cake !"
  • Moon Over Buffalo - "Go see it and have some chocolate cake."
  • Cabaret - "The most disappointing event occurred at intermission. Having previously attended a number of dramas at Baldwinsville Theater Guild, I was eagerly anticipating the "chocolate cake of death" and was disappointed to learn that musicals aren’t dessert theater due to the additional production costs. So while I would have gladly forked over a couple of bucks for cake and coffee there was none to be had."
  • Rehearsal for a Murder - "Ahhhh Chocolate cake….. "
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest -  "The most memorable non-show related event was a piece of chocolate cake at intermission. If you go and there's chocolate cake on the table push people out of the way to get it. I don't know if it was homemade or bakery but it was very very good."  

So while we don't need samples we'd like at least as much feeling and thought put into your description of the dessert as Jon does.  We may create a lifetime achievement award out of this.