Kerri Strug Award

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Who could forget this moment in our nation's history.  A chance at the gold medal for the first time in like a really long time in gymnastics (which rhymes with elastics, coincidence ? I doubt it).  How many hours had Americans sat raptly watching their T.V.'s some watching the gymnastics and some watching the gymnasts. Waiting anxiously for this moment to occur.  Then to have it happen in such an unlikely way.  On a severely dislocated ankle. We can only dream about how impressive it would have been on a broken ankle.  How many beer mugs were hoisted that night while drunken men and women chanted "strug, strug, strgu, gruts" ?  It was like that courthouse steps scene in Rocky 0 (or is the first one, one?).  We love triumph over pain. Couples all over America found new energy that night and the birth rate skyrocketed nine months later*.

Send us your nominations (include background info) for performers who were hurling (not the Olympic kind) or limping or maybe just really hung over.  If we see a trend in nominations we'll bring them to you and let you pick Syracuse's own Kerri Strug.



* ok I made this up but it sounded logical. Didn't it ?