The stress of mounting a show is felt by most of the people involved but two individuals standout as the most obvious stressed.  The producer and the director. Since no one really cares what the producer thinks this award focuses on the director.  I remember a show (not around here) where among many problems the lighting guy simply could not focus or aim a light, every door on stage would not stay latched shut when pushed closed and would of course swing open and lastly the building custodian (who has since passed away from sclerosis of the liver) would sneak into a closet for a swig and smoke and set off the building fire alarm at least once a night. Finally on the Thursday before opening the director melted down to relief some tension which.... to make a long story short it forced two scenes to be dropped from the show and a few years of therapy to go down the drain. 

What's your favorite tale of meltdown.  No names or companies please just the antics and results.