Back to the Future Award

Yep we're still found at 

There are a few things in life that just defy understanding.  One of them is calling your money that you get back from the government a refund ?  The other is how multiple references to a movie that came as close to as it did to an incestuous relationship can be included in these lame web pages making light of the Syracuse theater scene. For the record, refunds are usually given for goods or services not received or defective.  If that's the case I want all my money back IRS !!!

Time ! Oh to be a temporal being.  That's "ahh temporal" for those who never took latin.  To be apart from time.  Then we could entertain any show for any year we wanted to.  What's a year.  Ha ha we laugh at you Rolex controlled beings with your Daylight Savings Time and leap years. Ha ha ha.

This award is for the the show that gets carried over or under through the time warp and just keeps on getting the nod.  Send us your logic defying entries.  We'll get around to reading them next year.  LOL