This is a development page. The final categories will be chosen from these based upon your votes. 

Click an underlined award title to go to a detail page.  13 done, a bakers dozen.

One Mo Time Award - presented to the theater company that just had to do that same show One Mo Time.
Emoticon Award - presented to writer of the best emotional post on Syracuse Theater Forum.
Kerri Strug Award - presented to the actor who performs while hurt or violently ill.
China Syndrome Award - presented to the director who has the worst meltdown during tech week.
Apollo 13 Award - "Houston we have a problem" best (or worst) technical failure.
Westinghouse Award - presented to the company for that shock value show, the one with no real plot.
Back to the Future Award * - presented to the show that gets the most nominations in the wrong year.
Art Schwimmerman Award - presented to for the most egregiuosly mispleed name in a program or review.
Lincoln Memorial Award - presented to the performer who is determined by the following formula.
                Ts-Sw/NoA/Tc = X or Total Stage time minus Spoken Words divided by                                                            Number of Acts then divided by the Total Cast size.
Bust Her Keaton Award - presented to the best accidental or deliberate prat fall.                             Kirstie Alley Award - presented to the dessert theater company with the best desserts.
Trash Dot Award - presented to the theater company with the most dead or ancient web page.
Piece Error Award - presented for the most anachronistic or out of time set piece or costume.

=- Our first email submissions are coming in -=

Lolita Clark Award - presented for a role where the performers actual, chronological age is highly suspect.              Put Me In Coach Award - presented to the aspiring performer who volunteers for every role regardless of lines or time on stage.  A trooper among troopers.                                                                                                                                                        Dilapidated Depilatory Award - presented for a too much or too little facial or body hair.                                                  White Rabbit Award - presented to the company with the most confusing schedule of shows, forcing patrons to be late, for a very important date!

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* - credit to BalaamsAss on the theater forum