LC 21: a Learning Commons Transformation - Dec. 2, 2010

rethink            Retool            Reinvent

Implementing Your Learning Commons in the 21st Century

  • Activity 1: What are our school improvement goals?

  • Activity 4: What do students think about Super Sue's Learning Commons?
  • Activity 5: Constructing Knowledge Building Centers
Today's Challenge: In a real school, let us all help Super Sue transform her Learning Commons and in the process, transform our own.

  1. Brief review of the concept of the Learning Commons
  2. What are your school improvement goals?
  3. How could we redesign Super Sue's Physical Learning Commons? What about ours at home?
  4. What do students really think about the current state of this Learning Commons and how it could be improved? How would their ideas affect how we might redesign our own Learning Commons?
  5. What have we learned thus far?
  6. What's for lunch?
  7. What program elements of the Learning Commons actually contribute to school improvement goals?
  8. How can the Learning Commons advance the agenda of instructional leaders? Specialists? Administrators? Parents? Teachers? Students?
  9. What is the role of the Knowledge Building Center concept and instructional improvement?