LC 21: a Learning Commons Transformation - Dec. 1, 2010

rethink            Retool            Reinvent

Envisioning Your Learning Commons in the 21st Century
  • Activity 4: Foundational Ideas Under Girding the LC
Problem: The governor of NY is considering taking the advice of a retiring Superintendent that to save money, the antiquated idea of a school library and a school librarian should be eliminated as a requirement for all NY schools.

  • Are school libraries really necessary?
  • What is the connection between school improvement and the concept of the Learning Commons?
  • What program elements of the Learning Commons actually contribute to school improvement goals?
  • How can the Learning Commons advance the agenda of instructional leaders? Specialists? Administrators? Parents? Teachers? Students?
  • What is the role of the Knowledge Building Center concept and instructional improvement?

Yes, yes, yes...we know the answers!