Welcome to the homepage of the Integrated Circuits and Systems Group at Michigan State University.
Our Research Focus is 
- on analog/RF/mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems
- in many areas such as communications, biomedical, and 
  sensing applications
- with creative solutions for integrated circuits and systems 
  of the future.
Tremendous opportunities exist in broad areas of wearable, biomedical, health care, automotive, and communication systems of the future. Low power consumption and small form factor are critical features in the systems, as can be seen in examples such as smart glasses or implantable devices. 

Analog/RF/mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) is one of the key technologies for high performance, low power, and small form factor systems. Research encompasses a wide range of topics in analog, mixed-signal, and RF circuits and systems that will enable innovations in the future. More specifically, it includes integrated circuits and systems such as data converter, amplifier, filter, mixer, power amplifier, AFE, transceiver and sensor interface for various applications.