Synthetic Drugs Rapidly Becoming a Nationwide Epidemic
New synthetic drugs known as Spice, K2, Genie and Bath Salts are being abused and are rapidly becoming a nationwide epidemic.  These new drugs are created in laboratories to produce effects similar to more traditional drugs but remain different enough on a molecular level to escape detection in urine tests.  These new drugs are attracting teens and young adults who may think it is safe because they are sold as a herbal incense and are often marketed as incense or potpourri which allows it to slip by federal Food and Drug Administraion regulations.  However, spice can be more dangerous than marijuana. 
These drugs have side-effects including seizures, hallucinations, tremors, blackouts, and cardiac arrest, combined with a number of reports showing the use of these drugs has caused hospitalization and even death in our country. 
The number one state for bath salt usage is West Virginia, Harrison County being number one within the state. The synthetic drug has been banned from stores since September, now making it an underground product. Possibly making it even more deadly.

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