2008 California State Science Fair

Senior High Winners


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California State Science Fair
2008 Sr High Teacher of the Year

  Amanda Alonzo

Amanda Alonzo
Lynbrook High School
San Jose



Category Place Awards 






S0804 Egbert, Nitin K. MindMouse: A Mind-Computer Interface without Pattern Recognition Based on Biofeedback Training  grade-11 Bellarmine College Prep, San Jose FIRST PLACE Electronics & Electromagnetics


 $500 MLIM Award for Achievement in  
                                   Electronics  and electromagnetic studies.

                                                         State Fair Photo






S1314 Liu, David C. Content-Based Image Retrieval  grade-10 Lynbrook High School, San Jose SECOND PLACE Mathematics & Software








S1603 Casavant, Eric & Marshall, Alex Measuring the Speed of Gravity using Ocean Tide Models in Conjunction with Solar and Lunar Position Tracks  grade-12 Monta Vista High School, Cupertino  THIRD PLACE Physics & Astronomy




S0914 Sawant, Manali S. Starch-Based Biodegradable Materials: It's Time to Go Green!  grade-10 Lynbrook High School, San Jose  THIRD PLACE Environmental Engineering






S1701 Athavale, Priyanka V. The Effects of TMV on Pinto Bean Plants after the Initial Innoculation of a Weaker Strain  grade-10 Lynbrook High School, San Jose  FOURTH PLACE Plant Biology.

and                                  State Fair Photo

Excellence in Agricultural Award – Award is a $1,000 US Savings Bond. Presented by the California Association of Pest Control Advisors


S1306 Garg, Dhruv R. Real-time Feedback Modules to Enhance User Learning in Surgical Simulation  grade-12 Monta Vista High School, Cupertino  FOURTH PLACE Mathematics & Software




S0409 Kumar, Malika & Zarrin, Haley  Identifying Functions of Novel Transcripts in S. cerevisiae  grade-10 Saratoga High School, Saratoga  FOURTH PLACE Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology





S1301 Agarwal, Kunal Making Plastic Stronger: Innovating Credit Card Security  grade-11 Silver Creek High School, San Jose  HONORABLE MENTION Mathematics & Software




S0403 Bodapati, Sunil CNew Imaging Technique Promises Higher Resolution of Brain Cancer Tumor Boundaries using Photoacoustic Imaging  grade-11 Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose HONORABLE MENTION Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology

and                                                      State Fair Photo
UCLA Brain Research Institute Award - For outstanding science projects in all areas of  neuroscience from molecules to mind.  First Place award $100  Senior Division


S0499 Paseman, Sabrina  The Ferrometer: A Device to Detect Iron Deficient Anemia via Non-Invasive Optical Measurement of Zinc Protoporphyrin  grade-11 The Harker School, San Jose  HONORABLE MENTION Biochemistry/
                        Molecular Biology


 S0517 Subramanian, Narayan S.  A Preliminary Investigation of the Effectiveness of Freeze Desalination  grade-11 Lynbrook High School, San Jose HONORABLE MENTION Chemistry




S2016 Tran, Jeannie N. Aromatic Effects on Calorie-Restricted Gryllus bimaculatus  grade-10 Oak Grove High School, San Jose HONORABLE MENTION Zoology






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