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Science Buddies.

Intel ISEF,International Science and Engineering Fair.

CSSF,California State Science Fair

COSMOS, California Summer School for Math and Science.

Intel Promising Young Scientist Award.

Synopsys Outreach Foundation.

Schmahl Science Workshop

Welcome to parents interested in promoting Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics in our schools.  Ms Heidi Black, president of SCVSEFA, has prepared a Powerpoint Presentation on the Synopsys Silicon Valley Science & Technology Championship and related opportunities for students grades 6-12.  You may wish to use the presentation in discussions with your PTA or Science Club parents & teachers.    PSTA_presentation-09.pdf 


Thank You for Supporting Science in our Schools

 Here are some ways YOU and your family can help support science education in Santa Clara County.

Monetary donations to charities are tax deductible on Schedule A of your Federal Tax Return. Consult your tax accountant for details and the evolving tax laws -- and then contact the Fair Manager by e-mail  for information on how you can make a donation of cash or securities to support SCVSEFA.

If you choose to donate securities, you can donate the full cash value of stocks on the day of their transfer. This means that by gifting low-basis securities (i.e., those purchased a long time ago), their current value comes off the top of your annual earnings, yet you pay no capital gains on the increased value those securities may have earned over the years.


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