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Who is qualified to be a judge?

A judge should have the following three qualifications:

  1. A college degree in a scientific, technical, or educational field.
    (Exceptions may be made for related experience.)
  2. Enjoy working with middle and high school students.
  3. Be available during judging hours on judging day
    (Wed, March 12, 2014  from 12 Noon - 5 PM).

Why are there two kinds of judges?

We have both (1) Category Judges and (2) Special Award Judges for
determining the awards.
There are two kinds of awards. Category Awards, which are given by
the Santa Clara Valley Science & Engineering Fair Association
scientific merit, and include the first place medals, and second place and honorable
mention ribbons.
Special Awards are given by various professional organizations and
. Special awards may take many forms, including certificates,
cash, trips, equipment, and work fellowships. Criteria for the
special awards are determined by the sponsoring organizations
Judging teams for these awards are usually from the sponsoring
organizations but may, if requested, be provided by the SCVSEFA.

What are the different categories for category judging?

Science Fair Project Categories link (details)       

Biological Sciences:
Botany, Environmental Sciences, Zoology, Behavioral/Social
Sciences, Medicine/Health/Gerontology and 

Physical Sciences: Chemistry, Physics, Earth/Space Sciences,
Engineering, Computers/Mathematics, and BioInformatics.

Will the judges be provided with parking subsidy?

Unfortunately, due to budget restrictions we cannot offer a parking subsidy. 
There are several parking lots surrounding the convention center which
offer $7/day parking.  See parking info.

We strongly encourage carpooling and use of mass transit.

Parking Information

Will the judges and volunteers get lunch?

Yes, we do provide a lunch. Each lunch costs us over $20, so please enjoy it.
 If you have special dietary needs please make sure to inform us by email ahead of time.

Can I bring my son/daughter along during judging?

No. We find it is distracting to the students and other judges. Interested
family members may attend only during the open viewing time
(5:00- 6:00 pm on March 12).

When is the Presentation of Awards?

Names of winning students will be posted on this website approximately 1 week following the fair.  Awards will be presented to the student winners, representatives from the top schools, and the top teachers at the Awards Ceremonies
The ceremonies will be held at California's Great America in Santa Clara approximately 2-3 weeks following the fair, usually on the first Sunday in April.
Details will be available on this website and at the Fair.
SCVSEFA Category Judging Committee
(contact us)

Revised: Nov 2013