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2014 Synopsys Championship

March 12, 2014 
San Jose


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The following links give information about Category Judging.

 Judging FAQ
 Judging Guide (required reading) 
Guidlines for Talking to Students (required reading)

  Category Judging Registration
Parking Info 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014:
(Note: Judge Check-in extends from 11:00 to noon, but lunch is available starting at 11:30)



11:00 AM Judge Check-In Pick up Badge, and Judging Materials at the Category Judging Table

11:30 AM


Judge Lunch (provided)


Meet with your team members at the designated lunch tables. (See large floor map at the table area)

 12:30 AM Orientation Talk Expectations & Rules
 1:00 PM Review Project Displays Students not present
 2:00 PMInterview Students at the Project Display

Judging teams split up. Each judge separately interviews students of projects on their list (~10 minutes per project).

 4:30 PM Select WinnersMeet with judging team.  Discuss projects. Select winners
 5:00PMTurn in ResultsTeam leader submits list of winners and all judging team paperwork to the Category Judging Table.
 After 5PM View Other Projects & encourage students Judges are free to view other projects until fair closes at 6PM


Come to the South Hall of the San Jose Convention Center (the long, blue and white structure behind the main building). Enter on the Viola Ave side, opposite the Market Street end of the structure. 

Check in at the Category Judging table. There will a map in the Judges' Lunch Area so that you can find and schmooze with the rest of your team while you eat lunch and hear the orientation. Then preview your projects, interview your students, and meet again to agree on your team's selections for awards. There is Free Time available 5:00-6:00 p.m. if you want to check out other projects.

Parking Info

Thank you for judging. We'll see you on Wednesday, March 12, 2014!

Questions? Contact the Category-Judging Committee.


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