Board of Directors

Santa Clara Valley Science & Engineering Fair Association   

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2013 Board of Directors 

The SCVSEFA Board of Directors consists of a working group of professionals and interested community members who volunteer more than 3500 hours collectively each year to support this program in which students can present their work and network with one another.
1st Row (left to right): Veena Jain, Vanessa Burbach, Heidi Black, Pat Castro, Sudha Raman, 2nd Row: Forrest Williams, Carole Kalcic, Moenes Iskarous, Bruce Kawanami, Sandi Yellenberg , Susan Lange, Steve Nelson, Larke Reeber, John Turner,  Ann Burrell, Lynn Liebschutz, Rose Mary Brodbeck, and Vicki Doyle-Jones.
Not Pictured above: Vinish Lall, Kavitha Jayachandran, Ajay Navaratna , and Sruba Seshadri

2012 Board of Directors
(left to right): Sudha Raman, Vanessa Burbach, Julie Karni, Sandi Yellenberg, Veena Jain, Sandra Meditch, Lynn Liebschutz, Heidi Black, Moenes Iskarous, Vinish Lall, Bruce Kawanami, Steven Nelson, Forrest Williams.  
Not Pictured above: Ajay Navaratna,  Pat Castro, Susan Lange, Kerry Veenstra,  Ann Burrell, John Turner, Larke Reeber, Sruba Seshadri, and Kavitha Jayachandran.
2011 Board of Directors
1st Row (left to right):  Ajay Navaratna, Sandi Yellenberg, Pat Castro, Prema Rao, Susan Lange, Heidi Black, Vanessa Burbach.    2nd Row: Lynn Liebschutz, Bruce Kawanami, Forrest Williams, Sandra Meditch, Kerry Veenstra, Steven Wang, Ann Burrell, and  Moenes Iskarous.
Not Pictured above: Vinish Lall, Veena Jain, John Turner, Larke Reeber, Lydia So, Kavitha Jayachandran, and Steven Nelson.

2009 Board of Directors


1st Row (left to right):  Jerry Kissinger, Kerry Veenstra, Bruce Kawanami, Susan Lange, Larke Reeber, and Rochan Sankar.  2nd Row: Lynn Liebschutz, Prema Rao, Vanessa Burbach, Susan Oldham-Fritts, Heidi Black, Ann Burrell, Sandy Yellenberg, Veena Jain, John Turner, Sandra Meditch, Moenes Iskarous, Don Draper, and Pat Castro.