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1st Place in Scientific Category


J0232 — First Place  Applied Mechanics & Structures

David A. Zarrin, Grade 8
Creating a GVS: Gyroscope-based Water Vessel Stabilizer
Advisor: Mr. Simon Zarrin
School: Redwood Middle School, Saratoga




CSSF Project of the Year
$5,000 Award

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J1207 — First Place  Environmental Science

Alexandria J. Gallizioli, Grade 7
Sean E. Wieser, Grade 7
Is Copper the Cause? Investigating Copper in the Santa Cruz Mountain Drinking Water
Advisor: Dr. Lynn Shannon, Mr. Wayne Thompson

English (C.T.) Middle School, Los Gatos

S0209 — First Place  Applied Mechanics & Structures

Laurel A. Kroo, Grade 11
Efficient Low-Cost Wind Energy Using Passive Circulation Control
Advisor: Dr. Ilan Kroo
School: Gunn (Henry M.) High School, Palo Alto


S1911 — First Place  Physics & Astronomy

Tejas A. Navaratna, Grade 11
A Dying Star: The Effects of the Post-Main Sequence Sun on the Biological Sustainability of Various Solar System Objects
Advisor: Ms. Amanda Alonzo
School: Lynbrook High School, San Jose


S1713 — First Place  Microbiology

Raman V. Nelakanti, Grade 11
Inducing Anaerobic Conditions for Hydrogen Production in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Advisor: Ms. Amanda Alonzo
School: Lynbrook High School, San Jose 

J0317 — First Place  Behavioral & Social Sciences

Anna T. Thomas, Grade 7
Prospect Theory: Assessing Financial Risk Taking Patterns in Children
Advisor: Mrs. Leni Tomasso
School: St. Christopher School, San Jose


2nd Place in Scientific Category


J2303 — Second Place  Toxicology

Susmitha Bhat, Grade 7
Effect of Various Pollutants on the Aquatic Plant, Egeria densa
Advisor: Mr. Raj Ramanatha

School: Miller (Joaquin) Middle School, San Jose

S1808 — Second Place  Pharmacology

Evaline Cheng, Grade 11
Nasal Responses of Exposure to Ultrafine Iron Soot Particles in Mice
Advisor: Mrs. Amanda Alonzo
School: Lynbrook High School, San Jose

Air Quality/Climate Change Award

by the Southern California Air Quality Management District


J0206 — Second Place  Applied Mechanics & Structures

Lena K. Egbert, Grade 7
Leveraging Light: A Method for Measuring Minute Masses
Advisor: Mr. Chandan Egbert
School: Milpitas Christian School, San Jose

Science Buddies Award, $30 and certificate.

                  SPIE Optics and Photonics Award, $250, 
                                membership, certificate, and T-shirt.



S1607 — Second Place  Mathematics & Software

Kaavya Jayram, Grade 9
Number Theory Meets Algebra: Walking the Path of Fermat, Euler, and Gauss
Advisor: Mrs. Belinda Lowe-Schmahl
School: Sravani Academy, San Jose

J1320 — Second Place  Human Biology

Christopher A. Powers, Grade 6
Effects of Conversation on Driving
Advisor: Mr. Jeff Powers
School: Old Orchard School, Campbell


J0423 — Second Place  Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology

Jacqueline J. Wang, Grade 8
Molecular Analysis of Blood Typing Compared with Traditional Serological Typing
Advisor: Ms. Sarah Perry
School: Harker (The) School, San Jose

3rd Place in Scientific Category


S0210 — Third Place  Applied Mechanics & Structures

Malika Kumar, Grade 11
Haley E. Zarrin, Grade 11
Creating a SensorGVS: A Sonar/Accelerometer Guided Vehicle Stabilization System
Advisor: Mr. Simon Zarrin

School: Saratoga High School, Saratoga

S1611 — Third Place  Mathematics & Software

David C. Liu, Grade 11
Semantic Image Retrieval: Learning Gaussian Mixture Models of Semantic Concepts using Expectation-Maximization
Advisor: Ms. Amanda Alonzo
School: Lynbrook High School, San Jose


S1819 — Third Place  Pharmacology

Darline B. Seu, Grade 12
Sheilalyn E. Solis, Grade 12
The Effects of Nerium oleander on Mutant and Wild-type Drosophila melanogaster
Advisor: Ms. Huong Tran
School: Silver Creek High School, San Jose

4th Place in Scientific Category


S0406 — Fourth Place  Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology

Jennifer S. Chen, Grade 10
Exploring a Sequencing-based Human Identification Method as a Replacement for Current Fragment Sizing Technology
Advisor: Dr. Chun-Nan Chen
School: Lynbrook High School, San Jose

S1612 — Fourth Place  Mathematics & Software

Akshay J. Maheshwari, Grade 11
Zergling: An Optimizing Expert System for High Speed Detection of Chimeras Formed during PCR Amplification of 16S rRNA
Advisor: Mrs. Amanda Alonzo
School: Lynbrook High School, San Jose

S0909 — Fourth Place   Electronics & Electromagnetics

Ritik Malhotra, Grade 11
Multi-Touch Table: An Infrared-Based Touch Interface Designed for Collaborative Data Manipulation
Advisor: Mrs. Amanda Alonzo
School: Lynbrook High School, San Jose



J1718 — Fourth Place  Microbiology

Natalie Ng, Grade 7
Optimizing Bacterial Transformation Efficiency: A Study of Heat and Cold Shock Parameters and DNA Plasmid Concentration
Advisor: Dr. Thuy-Anh Nguyen
School: Challenger School, Sunnyvale


Honorable Mention in Category


J2407 — Honorable Mention  Zoology

Timmy A. Beckmann, Grade 6
The Effect of Bird Formation on Flight Efficiency
Advisor: Mr. Paul Beckmann
School: Mountain View Whisman ISP, Mountain View

Science Buddies Award, $30 and certificate. 

S0807 — Honorable Mention  Earth & Environment

Cheng (Emily) Cheng, and
Aakriti Jain, Grade 11
The Effect of Variable Microorganisms and pH on the Efficiency of a Microbial Fuel Cell
Advisor: Mr. David Taylor
School: Lynbrook High School, San Jose

J2006 — Honorable Mention  Plant Biology

Keegan C. Dahm, Grade 7
What Is the Long Term Effect of Electricity and Metal on Plant Tumors?
Advisor: Mrs. Dawn O'Connor

School: Ascencion Solorsano Middle School, Gilroy

California Association of Professional Scientists,
Science Achievement Award

$100 and plaque


0615 — Honorable Mention  Cognitive Science

Jonah S. Kaye, Grade 8
Try to Remember: Do Left-Handed or Right-Handed People Have Better Short-Term Memory?
Advisor: Mr. Fred Berghout
School: Stanford (Jane Lathrop) Middle School, Palo Alto

S2010 — Honorable Mention  Plant Biology

Vivien Macnguyen, Grade 11
The Effects of Soil-Contaminating Mercury on an Arbuscular mycorrhizal Symbiosis in Garden Bean Growth
Advisor: Mrs. Melanie Navarro
School: Oak Grove High School, San Jose

Special Awards


Health Physics Society Award

Honorable Mention $25 and certificate

Project S0411

Eric V. Jang, Grade 9
UV Exposure Accelerates Telomere Shortening: An Implication of Premature Aging
Advisor: Miss Amy Andrzejewski
School: Cupertino High School, Cupertino


Project J1502

Paulomi Bhattacharya, Grade 8
The Effect of Biotite Content and Ventilation on Radioactive Emissions from Granite
Advisor: Ms. Lorna Claerbout

Harker (The) School, San Jose