2008 California State Science Fair
Junior High Winners

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Category Place Awards 





J1803 Bodapati, Deepika C. Building an Endotoxin Detection Home Test Kit  grade-7 Challenger School, Sunnyvale  FIRST PLACE Product Science (Biological)




J0904 Choudhury, Zareen Phytoextraction: An Organic Decontaminator  grade-6 Challenger School, Sunnyvale  FIRST PLACE Environmental Engineering




J1222 Liu, Bolun. The Hysteresis Curve of a Compressible Fluid  grade-8 San Jose Math Circle, San Jose FIRST PLACE Materials Science







J1704 Bernal, Elizabeth M. (St. Christopher School, San Jose)

& Simpson, Alec D (Bret Harte Middle School, San Jose) A Prototype for a Lunar Plant Growth Chamber  grade-8
                                                      SECOND PLACE Plant Biology


J0509 Kaye, Jonah S. Some Like It Hot: Does Heat Help Polyethylene Glycol Dissolve?  grade-7 J.L.Stanford Middle School, Palo Alto, SECOND PLACE Chemistry








J0623 Raghvendra, Shubha . Do You Remember? A Phoneme-Based Structural Analysis of Word Recall  grade-8 Challenger School, Sunnyvale  THIRD PLACE Cognitive Science




J1321 Thomas, James J. An Algorithm to Minimize Memory Usage in Graph-based Applications grade-8 St. Christopher School, San Jose, THIRD PLACE Mathematics & Software







J0908 Galivanche, Anoop R. A Comparison of Different Water Purification Methods  grade-8 Redwood Middle School, Saratoga, FOURTH PLACE Environmental Engineering




J0113 Khan, Muzammil A. SPLASH! The Effect of Size of Blades and Number of Blades on the Voltage Output of Waterwheels  grade-7 Granada Islamic School, Santa Clara, FOURTH PLACE Aerodynamics/ Hydrodynamics


Dr. Ibrahim El-Hefni Achievement Award in Science–$500 Award. Presented by the Dr. Ibrahim El-Hefni Technical Training Foundation.



J0841 Zarrin, David A. Designing a Laser Communication Device  grade-7 Redwood Middle School, Saratoga  FOURTH PLACE Electronics & Electromagnetics










J1522 Nety, Suchita Impact of Nanoparticles on Human Analogs  grade-7 The Harker School, San Jose  HONORABLE MENTION Pharmacology/ Toxicology



J0834 Van Steenburgh, Ethan A. Magnetic Propulsion  grade-6 St. Lawrence Middle School, Santa Clara  HONORABLE MENTION Electronics & Electromagnetics



 Special Awards Winners



J0820, the team of Wesley K. Larsen & Aren T. LorensonConstructing an Inductrack Maglev  Grade-8 Saint Lawrence Middle School, Santa Clara.

State Fair Photo 

Science Buddies Clever Scientist Award – For projects which best use innovative, low-cost experimental techniques to answer interesting scientific and engineering questions.  $30 Cash Award and a certificate. Presented by the Science Buddies Program of the Kenneth Lafferty Hess Family Charitable Foundation



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