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Note: This calendar is a work in progress, and will be updated as new information is confirmed.

Unconfirmed dates are indicated with a " ? " following the date.


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  September 2009

    2 (Wed) 5:30 PM  SCVSEFA Board Meeting  

   22 (Tues) 6:00 PM  Winner's Circle Event
                                Tech Museum,
201 South Market Street
                                San Jose, CA 95113-2008
                                (408) 294-8324
                                Get directions

   24 (Thurs) 7PM       Leland High School
                                6677 Camden Ave
                                San Jose, CA 95120
                                  (408) 535-6290
                                  Get directions

   26 (Sat)   9:00 AM  Student/Teacher Clinic @ Oak Grove High School.


    7 (Wed) 5:30 pm  SCVSEFA Board Meeting 

   10 (Sat)  1:00 pm   Student Clinic and Teacher Workshop
                              Monta Vista High School, Cupertino.
   ?__(Wed) 4:00 pm   Student Clinic and Teacher Workshop
                              locations TBD


    4 (Wed) 5:30 pm  SCVSEFA Board Meeting                                 

    25 (Wed) 12AM   Postmark deadline for grade 9-12
                               applications requiring SRC preapproval

December 2009

      2 (Wed)  5:30 pm   SCVSEFA Board Mtg.

5 (Sat) 8:30 am     SCVSEFA Data Entry Party 
                              Santa Clara County Office of Education,
                                             1290 Ridder Park Dr, Map
                                             San Jose, 95131

  January 2010

      7 (Thurs)12 AM      Postmark deadline for grade 6-8
                                applications requiring SRC 

     6 (Wed) 5:30 pm    SCVSEFA Board Meeting.

(Sat) 8:30 am      SCVSEFA Data Entry Party at the
                                Santa Clara County Office of Education,
                                             1290 Ridder Park Dr, Map
                                             San Jose, 95131 



    3 (Wed) 5:30 PM    SCVSEFA Board Meeting at SCCOE (see map below).

    1 (Mon) 12 AM       FINAL Postmark deadline for ALL grade
                                applications not r
equiring SRC preapproval

    6 (Sat) 8:30 AM    SCVSEFA Data Entry Party (SCCOE)
                                Santa Clara County Office of Education,
1290 Ridder Park Dr, Map
                                             San Jose, 95131 

    15 (Mon) 12 AM      Postmark deadline for Technical 


    3 (Wed) 5:30 PM   SCVSEFA Board Mtg.

   16 (Tue) 12 noon   Synopsys Championship Check-in.          
                              San Jose Convention Center SOUTH HALL.
                                        Registration 12 Noon - 6 PM
   17 (Wed) 2:00 PM  Synopsys Championship Judging.           
                              San Jose Convention Center SOUTH HALL.
                                        Students at their boards 2PM - 6PM

   ?24? (Wed) 5:30 PM  SCVSEFA Board Mtg.


   ?7? (Wed) 5:30 pm   SCVSEFA Board Meeting (optional)

    11 (Sun) 1:00 pm    Awards Ceremonies at Great America. 

May 2010

   5 (Wed) 5:30 pm    SCVSEFA Board Meeting.

   9-14  Sun-Fri        Intel International Scince and        
                              Engineering Fair (ISEF)
                              San Jose, CA

   17-18 Mon-Tues     California State Science Fair (CSSF),
                               Los Angeles.                                


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