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Synkron 1.6.0 released

posted Jul 12, 2009, 12:06 PM by Matúš Tomlein
A new version of Synkron, dubbed 1.6.0, is now available. This release brings major improvements to Synkron, adds new features and fixes bugs. The user interface of Synkron has also been improved.
Some of the most exciting new features are labels, which replace the long paths of folders with a keyword in the sync log, folder specific options and the ability to sort results of analysis by action (this is an option available in the Advanced).

Here is the changelog of Synkron 1.6.0:
- added Finnish translation
- added labels to refer to synced folders
- new folder specific options shown in a menu next to synced folders
- folders can be set as Masters or Slaves (Slaves are made to be exact mirrors of Masters) (this solution replaces "Clone folder 1" option from previous releases)
- added "Do not modify the contents of this folder" option
- added "Do not create empty folders" option
- added option to sort the results of analysis by action
- added option to use folder based database instead of the text .synkron.syncdb database
- enhanced detection of collisions
- user interface enhancements (Advanced options shown in a menu, ...)
- several bug fixes
- and more