SYNBADm: a toolbox for automatic optimal design in synthetic biology

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Computer-aided design (CAD) is a fundamental element in modern engineering.

During the last decade, many efforts have been dedicated to the use of CAD in the context of Synthetic Biology.

However, the use of optimization-based approaches for CAD in Synthetic Biology has been minimal.


SYNBADm is a Matlab-based toolbox for the automatic design of biological circuits with targeted functions from libraries of components. 

SYNBADm allows single and multi-objective optimal design of biological circuits from a set of parts and a set of specifications.

This tool makes use of global optimization to simultaneously search the space of structures and kinetic parameters. 

SYNBADm handles efficiently high levels of circuit complexity, incorporates multiple design criteria through multiobjective optimization. 

Further, it provides flexible design capabilities, i.e. the user can define the modeling framework, library of components and target performance function(s).