The symposium will be divided into five presentation groups, with a brief Q&A session between each group. Door prizes will be given out between sessions throughout the day.

 Time Speaker Title
2:00Paul GestwickiOpening Remarks on Games and Academia
2:15Scott Rice-SnowLandscapes 2.0 for Game Mastering at Gen Con
2:20Joel Bozell Knights of the Dinner Table: Exploring its Muncie Connections
2:30Eva Grouling SniderTeaching Skill Development with Games
2:35Scott ReinkeRetention and Engagement through Mobile Gamification
2:55Robert BrookeyNotes on E-Sports from a Spoilsport
3:00Joseph RobertsDevelopment Cards: Games and Gaming Events for Academic Library Outreach
3:15Jacob DoolinIncreasing the Educational Focus on Video Game Journalism

3:2520-minute coffee and discussion break 
3:45Brad CondieThe Challenge of Tracking Characters and Their Assets in The Sims
4:00Thomas ArnoldTeaching History with the Simulation Game Silver and Spice
4:05Carisa LovellGame Design: Literally a Learning Experience
4:25Paul ButlerLessons Learned from the Inter-Unit Cardboard League: A Ball State University Employee Board Gaming Group
4:30Michael LeeHow Do You Know I Am Real? A Study of Non-Player Character Believability and Uncanny
4:45 Nathan HitchensWxChallenge: The North American Collegiate Weather Forecasting Competition
4:50 Closing Remarks