The Music, or Rather, The Play

 My colleague, evidently and most surprisingly, at least, in partiality, has agreed to consider the though of maybe doing the Phantom of the Opera and so, what am I to do but post both the script for the movie and the play.  I will post the sheet music as soon as I get a hold of it. (Everyone, most fervently hope she cannot get a hold of it.) This can potentialy be an amazing experience because there is a high emphasis on all areas of music and performing arts, whether they be instrumental, choral, acting, etc. We are well aware that we are overly optimistic and that this past year's experience should have set our minds straight, but, well, as you see here, it just didn't. And trust us, we're not planning to change anytime soon. Please join in the fun and email us! We might just be found, if anywhere and everywhere, at .
The Video of the Movie: (for if you do not wish to purchase the DVD or see it live (I have, and at four different places), please do watch this, the link is for part one, but it leads you to the other parts):
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