SymDVR - Manual

Инструкция пользователя User manual (pdf)

Normal / expert modes:
  • In the normal mode you are allowed to choose among standard camera settings. Extra settings like video bitrate, type of audio and audio bitrate are hidden.
  • In the expert mode you are allowed to change video resolution, frames per second, video bitrate, type of audio and audio bitrate separately. Please note that not all of combinations of settings will work for appropriate phone model. For example:  Nokia 6120 will not start record with video resolution higer than 320x240 and with frame rate higer than 15.

Action on Call:
  • "Auto answer" - if during the record you will receive incoming call - it will be answered automatically in 5-7 seconds
  • "Loudspeaker" - Loudspeaker will be turned on right after incoming call is answered (no matter - automatically or not)
  • "Mute on Call" - in case if audio track is active while record is going on - record will be interrupted and started again with audio track turned off. After call will be finished - record will be interrupted again and started with audio track ON.

Clip size and storage limit:
  • With "Clip size" setting you can define size of one clip in bytes. 
  • Setting "Storage limit" sets maximum allowed size for SymDVR folder. In case if storage size exceed allowed limit at record start - oldest videos will be deleted from storage automatically. With setting "No limit" - clips will not be deleted until all free space on drive will not be occupied.

If SymDVR works unstable:
  • In case if during record videos SymDVR hangs, videos might be broken, too long intervals between videos (from 10-15 seconds) - please try to update firmware if possible and/or replace memory card to other one (with class 6 or higer)

If during usage of SymDVR and Nokia Maps together you see black screen instead of map:
  • Please downgrade video-resolution to 864x48025 frames per second in SymDVR settings. 

Why "864x480, 30 fps" mode does not work?
  • Please enter "Expert" mode and specify 25 frames per second for 864x480 resolution. 30 fps will not work in this case.

Why I do not see GPS coords and speed on the screen and in subtitles?
  • Verify if option "GPS"->"Enabled" checked

Where are video files?
  • In two folders - "SymDVR" and "SymDVR-Favourites" on corresponding (chosen in settings) drive. These folders are hidden by default. It prevents standard gallery to catch these files. If you want to copy files to PC - please connect your phone in mass storage mode and turn on "show hidden files" option.

Why I do not see subtitles when playing video on PC?
  • You need to copy on PC two files - mp4 and srt
  • If you do not see subtitles still:
    1. try to install/update Codec Pack
    2. use VLC or KMPlayer for viewing video files

How can I reduce time intervals between video clips?
  • Specify smaller clip size
  • Use high-class memory card - starting from 6 and higher
  • Format memory card using SDFormatter tool with option "Format Size Adjustment" turned on

How Favourites works?
  • This mode can be activated by pressing on the screen for 9.4+ devices or by key "*" for 9.1-9.3
  • Two modes exists:
    1. Pressing one time only - star will be displayed (it means that current clip will be placed in Favourites folder, previous clip will go to Favourites also in case if time between start of the current clip and this moment less than 30 seconds)
    2. Double pressing - a star with a red dot will be displayed (all the following clips will go to Favourites folder until you tap on the screen or press the star icon). After you tap on the screen (or press the star icon) one more time – the red dot will disappear and only the current clip will be moved to Favourites. All the following clips will be placed in regular storage

Modes of audio recording: 
  1. "Audio recording"->"Off": sound track will not be written at all - in this mode "Backspace" button (or button with mic icon) will be dimmed and all other sounds will be played normally 
  2. "Audio recording"->"On": sound track will be written all the time, but you can mute mic during the record process by  "Backspace" button or by button with mic icon  
  3. "Audio recording"->"New clip": means, that if you will press on mic icon or "Backspace" button - audio stream will be included or excluded from the clip, but in this case - current record process will be stopped and new one will be started automatically.
In the 1st and 3rd modes (in case of mic off) - all system and other sounds will be played ok and record will not be interrupted on incoming call 

For N8 (Anna) users - problem with simultaneous record with sound track and playing system and other sounds is not exist

Charger plug in/out:
  1. "Start / Stop recording" - start/stop recording on charger plug in/out
  2. "Timeout on startup" - while first option is active and charger is plugging in - SymDVR start recording. In case if charger is plugged out within 20 seconds since recording is started - SymDVR will wait for 20 seconds and then record will be stopped. In case if charger will be plugged in again (within 20 seconds) - record will not be stopped at all. This is done to ensure that a recording is not interrupted by brief power failure in the charging
  3. "Exit SymDVR" - if charger is plugged out - record will be stopped and SymDVR will be closed

GUI controls of camera view:

  Name Action description (button) Notification description
(left side of camera view)
Main camera Switch to main camera  
Front camera Switch to front camera  
Favorites   Current clip will be stored in favorites
Favorites+   Current and next clips will be stored in favorites
Mic Turn on mic  
Mic muted Mute mic Mic muted / record audio off
Good light Turn on good light mode  
Low light Turn on low light mode Low light mode activated
Night Turn on night mode Night mode activated
Macro* Turn on macro mode Macro mode activated
Macro off* Turn off macro mode  
Video light** Turn on video light  
Video light off** Turn off video light  
Stabilization***  Turn on video stabilization Video stabilization mode activated
Stabilization off*** Turn off video stabilization  
Background mode Switch to background  
Pause Pause record  
Record Start / resume record  
Extra options Show extra options  
Stop Stop record  
Close Close camera view  

- "Macro" available for Nokia N8 only.

** - “Video light” button is used to turn on white LED at the start of the recording if your phone supports this functionality. In Nokia N8 it is not possible to turn on white LED. If you turn on "Video light" in N8 , the "Macro" mode will be activated for a few seconds at the start of the recording.

- short activation of "Macro" mode is active
- short activation of "Macro" mode is inactive

*** - Stabilization will work on these phones only

Hot keys:

Main menu:
"Backspaсe" - delete selected video

Camera view:
"Main button" - start / stop record
"1" - main/front cam switch
"3" - switching between speed limit modes
"5" - pause/resume record
"6" - on/off b/w mode
"Backspace" - mute/unmute mic
"*" - add to favourites
"8" - turn on/off "Car mode"
"0" - turn on/off the light
"#" - start new clip

Player view:
"Main button" - pause / resume
"Backspace" - show/hide subtitles