Laura's Restaurant

A Slice of Island Life


We anchored near Providenciales (Provo) in the Turks and Caicos Islands and were relaxing in the cockpit with the VHF radio on.

Someone, sounding excited, came on channel 16 on the radio calling "Laura, Laura, Papa Delta, Papa Delta". No answer. The call was repeated, Laura, Laura, Papa Delta, Papa Delta. Then "Laura, Laura, Provo Police, Provo Police". After several tries the reply came..... "Laura here".




"O.K. Laura, two lunches for the police please." 

"What you want for lunch?" 

"Anyting you got is O.K." 



We realized Papa Delta stands for Police Department.

At dinner time, another call came. “Laura, Laura, Papa Delta”. Again, after several calls, Laura responded. “Two dinners for the police, please.” 

“What you want for dinner?” 

“Anyting you got is all right.” 

This routine was repeated daily during our stay, with the number of lunches and dinners varying somewhat and increasing on the weekend.

We became acquainted with an American who lived on the island and we asked him about Laura’s restaurant. We had made the assumption that the P.D. knew where to eat, much as they do in the United States, and we were thinking about hiking to Laura’s to give it a try. Our new friend, John, responded, “Oh no, don’t eat there….the Police Department is just ordering the meals for the prisoners!”.

(names changes to protect the guilty).