Valme 07

Welcome to our new English course


Fair of Seville Homework

Apart from the photocopy I gave you last Wednesday, you have to do the following listening exercise:

First part

Once you have done that, do the

Second part

 I have altered the order of  the exercise, because I thought it would be easier for you, but you can do it  the other way round. It's up to you.



Para comprobar tu nivel de inglés, realiza este  test antes de empezar el curso. Recuerda que será de nivel intermedio, por lo que se requieren conocimientos previos. Las clases se darán íntegramente en inglés. Good luck!



HOMEWORK (To be done before 11th April)


1. Write a composition of about 200-300 words on ONE of the following topics:

  • Your first experience traveling abroad
  • The best way to learn English is…
  • Your reasons to start studying English at an adult age


2. Do the test  in the following link. Print or copy your answers and give them to your teacher.

After doing the test, mark the topics that, in your opinion, need revision.


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