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O.K., it isn't nice, but sometimes it is absolutely necessary. What shall we do if we feel ill? What will the doctor say? What will he or she do? Find everything you need to know about the visit to the doctor and do the following activities:


1. How do you say the following things in English?:


 Click here to find out:


- Consulta del Niño Sano

- Chequeo

- Sala de espera

- Peso

- Altura

- Salud

- Estetoscopio

- Análisis, analizar



2. Parts of the Body


Find here  the English for:


- pulmones

- riñones

- corazón

- aparato digestivo

- huesos

- cerebro

- dientes

- lengua

- pelo

- ojo

- oreja / oído

- nariz

- músculos

- uñas

- piel


3. Now try doing these three activities:


  1. Parts of the Body
  2. Medical Professions
  3. Matching verbs and nouns

4. Write a dialogue

 Imagine you are visiting some friends in England. One day you wake up feeling ill and you have to go to the doctor. You have to see the receptionist first. Then the doctor examines you and gives you a prescription. You take it to the chemist's, where you get your treatment.


Choose between these three possible dialogues:

- between you and the receptionist 

- between you and the doctor

- between you and the chemist


5. Role-play


Now that you have written your dialogue, ask one of your classmates to act it out with you.