Pet/Human Best Friend Teams
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During his trips to Colombia, David stayed with a family with 3 loving and spoiled boxers.

As dog lovers might know, boxers are active and playful dogs who just love to play around.

During David’s visits, he taught them to play "chasing lemons" since playing with pet toys and balls were a cause for fighting.

The younger dogs just loved the game to the point that when we went back home in the city, they were depressed and getting them into their routine was trouble...

Even though they look like tough dogs, they are as spoiled and loving as they can be and live to lay next to you or even “on top” of you!

Ruddy, Mani and Dingo will never forget their happy days with David. They would love to be part of the dog but they live pretty far away!

Hey... you guys are awesome!

I was researching the doggie ride trailers b/c this summer I would like to ride the Kettle Valley Rail Way (British Columbia) with my German shepherd "Snyper".  While looking at doggie rides on the net I came across you and have spent the last 2 hrs on your web site. I loved the photos.
Wow!!!  I can relate to you and your relationship with Chiva.... "Snyper" is my "partner" I am an  RCMP  K-9 officer and work the streets of Surrey catching bad guys.
I spend all my time with my dog... including "Casey" my retired police dog.
I can't wait to go on an adventure ride with my "Snypes."
Keep up the good work!
Warm Regards!
Steph and PSD "Snyper" #760